Workroom at Swale House, Governors Island, NYC Christy Gast brings her Mobile Tinctorium to Governor’s Island to extract color from
This ongoing series of sculptures and actions proposes poetic and tensile entanglements between human bodies and trees, with textiles as
Looking at Grain at Ruene Farm (What to feed the cows?) is the result of a collaboration with Stian Haltuff of
From Discipline / Gertrude Contemporary announcement ¿’Onde va la lancha? is a 15-minute lecture-performance during which Gast provides a live voice-over for
From When Species Meet exhibition text In Christy Gast’s video Castora Magellanica, the figure of a beaver in the form
Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile 2016 In her first solo exhibition at Galería Patricia Ready, Christy Gast presents Field Work.
Mobile Tinctorium is an itinerant textile dye studio devoted to foraging for colors in forests, fields and urban environments. The intention,
Institute for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles, 2015 Dear Enemy consists of four perfumes created by a team of artists
From BHQFU press release Collaboration with writer/sociologist Denise Milstein and other members of Ensayos FUG will serve as Ensayos’ New
Gallery Diet, Miami 2014 Text by Jarrett Earnest Christy Gast is a Tramp. And by that I don’t mean she’s
Beyond the End at the Kadist Art Foundation in Paris was the first exhibition of projects by artists, scientists and thinkers
Rock Quarry 2014 HD Video 4:54 Performer: Jarrett Earnest Audio: Whiskey Noise (Felecia Carlisle, Emile Milgrim, Mindy Abovitz, Thom Wheeler