Contemplating a Stream
Contemplating a Stream 2007 Performance for live webcast Inspired by Whitman, this performance was broadcast via live web stream. Contemplating
Amazonian News Network
Amazonian News Network 2005 video, 5 minutes 45 seconds Amazonian News Network explores the Female Soldier archetype, representing both gender
Female Soldier Ballads
Female Soldier Ballads 2005 A cappella folk song cycle and screen printed broadsheets Female Soldier Ballads is a cycle of
Lady Presidential Candidates Commemorative Plates
Lady Presidential Candidates Commemorative Plates 2004 & 2008 Repurposed ceramic plates, hand painted These plates are hand painted with portraits
Left Mitten and the Great Denudation
Left Mitten and The Great Denudation 2004 Sculpture & performance Fabricated of silicon-coated ripstop nylon, Left Mitten is decked out
Monster Tree
2003 Monster Tree is a sculpture and performance created in collaboration with Fabienne Lasserre for High Desert Test Sites 2 in Joshua Tree, CA. 
Free Radio HDTS
For High Desert Test Sites 4, I collaborated with artist Fabienne Lasserre on Free Radio HDTS, a low power FM radio station. We
Cloud Seeding: Circus of the Performance Object
Cloud Seeding: Circus of the Performative Object Cloud Seeding Circus was a touring performance project produced collaboratively by ten visual