Locust Projects, Miami 2014 From Locust Projects’ press release Locust Projects is pleased to present Inholdings, an exhibition of new work
War Drums
War Drums (25 minutes, 2014) was shot in one of the few existing stands of pine forest in Dade County,
A series of reconfigured bed quilts. From Gallery Diet press release for The Sleeping Cowboy and Mary/Steven Christy Gast will show
Out of Place
Gallery Diet, Miami 2012 From Gallery Diet press release This new body of work investigates the collision that occurs when
Self Portrait as the Barefoot Mailman
Collection of Pérez Art Museum Miami Neither pirates, nor sharks, nor crocodiles shall keep these carriers from their appointed rounds.
Herbert Hoover Dyke
de la Cruz Collection, Miami 2010 From the de la Cruz Collection press release A tap dancer manipulates the literal
Batty Cave
2010 From the Miami Art Museum press release In this three-channel video installation, the artist uses rocks, scraps of wood
The Earth We Inhabit
We Live Inside the World 5 minutes 2010 Hollow Earth propaganda! The video’s point of departure is an assertion by
Potato Salad Hill
Engines roaring, Jeepers conquer Potato Salad Hill while spectators watch in the right foreground from atop a building sprayed with
Canario 2008 Site-specific video & performance Created in collaboration with Nicolas Lobo and Psychic Youth Video light show and live
Mounted Horse Men
Mounted Horse Men 2008 Video edition on USB stick Part sculpture, part accessory, part documentary, Mounted Horse Men is a
Moab Video Project
Moab Video Project Throughout 2008 I organized a video program called Moab Video Project on MAC21, a small cable station