Touch & GO is an exhibition of sculpture and video that brings together a diverse group of artists whose work is
  Playing Favorites A collaboration between A.W. Strouse & the members of Wayfarers For Playing Favorites, we invited poet and
PRESS RELEASE--Kurant, Trømsø, Norway Wild living marine resources belong to society as a whole. 11.03 Opening 19.00 12.-13.03 Open Exhibition
FAULT LINES Feb 10 - Mar 18, 2016 For additional information, please visit: GP Presents is a newly established
El martes 10 de noviembre un grupo de 18 científicos, humanistas y artistas de diferentes partes del mundo, se reunieron
The New Explorers examines encounters with the American landscape by twelve contemporary female artist-adventurers. An illustrated narrative with an introduction
Press Release Ensayos: Trials on an Archipelago October 21st - November 14th FUG 431 E 6TH BSMT NYC 10009 Office
Dear Enemy by Christy Gast + Ensayos September 28 – October 10, 2015 Research in Tierra Del Fuego, Chile Residency
  In 1946, a group of Canadian beavers got a free one-way ticket to Argentina. Specifically, they were headed for
Global Positioning Systems is the second iteration of Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Overview Galleries, in which selections from PAMM’s permanent collection are displayed
Beaver Rachel Poliquin With their unique scaly tail, chainsaw teeth, powerful scent and astonishing architectural prowess, beavers are unlike any other
EXHIBITION OVERVIEW Curated by Victoria Reis, Transformer The first in the Do You Know Where Your Art Comes From? four-part exhibition series