Castora Magellanica
From When Species Meet exhibition text In Christy Gast’s video Castora Magellanica, the figure of a beaver in the form
Cuadernos de Arte Interview
Conversation with Carla Macchiavello in the Chilean art journal Cuadernos de Arte 
Belong and Observe @ Médiatheque du FMAC, Geneva
Christy Gast will have three videos on view at Médiathèque du Fonds d’art contemporain in Geneva, Switzerland. The exhibition, “belong and
Field Work
Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile 2016 In her first solo exhibition at Galería Patricia Ready, Christy Gast presents Field Work.
Touch & Go @ The LeRoy Neiman Art Gallery
Touch & GO is an exhibition of sculpture and video that brings together a diverse group of artists whose work is
Playing Favorites @ Wayfarers
  Playing Favorites A collaboration between A.W. Strouse & the members of Wayfarers For Playing Favorites, we invited poet and
Wild Living Marine Resources @ Kurant
PRESS RELEASE–Kurant, Trømsø, Norway Wild living marine resources belong to society as a whole. 11.03 Opening 19.00 12.-13.03 Open Exhibition
Mobile Tinctorium
Mobile Tinctorium is an itinerant textile dye studio devoted to foraging for colors in forests, fields and urban environments. The intention,
Fault Lines @ Gerald Peters Gallery
FAULT LINES Feb 10 – Mar 18, 2016 For additional information, please visit: GP Presents is a newly established
Interview / Martine Syms / Miami Rail
In advance of Martine Syms’s public project Nite Life, which will appear on buses throughout Miami this winter as part
Ensayos in La Tercera
El martes 10 de noviembre un grupo de 18 científicos, humanistas y artistas de diferentes partes del mundo, se reunieron
Dear Enemy
Institute for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles, 2015 Dear Enemy consists of four perfumes created by a team of artists