Works on Water Triennial
Advocacy Splash-Down Wed June 14th  7:30-9 at 80 Green At one time, art was science’s illustrator. Today, Water Art can
Post-Election @ SEPTEMBER PRESS RELEASE SEPTEMBER 449 Warren Street #3 Hudson, NY Post-Election Exhibition Co-Organized by Kristen Dodge and Kate Gilmore Exhibition
When Species Meet @ Telemark Art Center
WHEN SPECIES MEET 19.11.2016 -15.01.2017 Christy Gast, Søssa Jørgensen, Tove Kommedal, Jean Painlevé and Kjersti Vetterstad Curated by: Karolin Tampere  It
Cuadernos de Arte Interview
Conversation with Carla Macchiavello in the Chilean art journal Cuadernos de Arte 
Belong and Observe @ Médiatheque du FMAC, Geneva
Christy Gast will have three videos on view at Médiathèque du Fonds d’art contemporain in Geneva, Switzerland. The exhibition, “belong and
Touch & Go @ The LeRoy Neiman Art Gallery
Touch & GO is an exhibition of sculpture and video that brings together a diverse group of artists whose work is
Playing Favorites @ Wayfarers
  Playing Favorites A collaboration between A.W. Strouse & the members of Wayfarers For Playing Favorites, we invited poet and
Wild Living Marine Resources @ Kurant
PRESS RELEASE–Kurant, Trømsø, Norway Wild living marine resources belong to society as a whole. 11.03 Opening 19.00 12.-13.03 Open Exhibition
Fault Lines @ Gerald Peters Gallery
FAULT LINES Feb 10 – Mar 18, 2016 For additional information, please visit: GP Presents is a newly established
Ensayos in La Tercera
El martes 10 de noviembre un grupo de 18 científicos, humanistas y artistas de diferentes partes del mundo, se reunieron
The New Explorers by Kris Timken
The New Explorers examines encounters with the American landscape by twelve contemporary female artist-adventurers. An illustrated narrative with an introduction
Ensayos @ BHQFU
Press Release Ensayos: Trials on an Archipelago October 21st – November 14th FUG 431 E 6TH BSMT NYC 10009 Office