Works on Water Triennial

Advocacy Splash-Down

Wed June 14th  7:30-9 at 80 Green

At one time, art was science’s illustrator. Today, Water Art can go well beyond illustration to serve science and the natural world directly by posing questions, exposing realities, acquiring data, advocating for natural resources, and– in some cases– affecting policy change. Advocacy Splash-Down promises to be a lively conversation, with WoW artists Mary Mattingly and Sto Len, and New York Aquarium Resident Artist Christy Gast showing a 3 minute stop-motion film created with teens doing advocacy around ocean plastics. Joining them will be Noah Chesnin of the New York Seascape Program and New York Times Business Day editor Ellen Pollock. 

Works on Water is presented by New Georges with 3LD Art & Technology Center and Urban Water Artists in collaboration with Guerilla Science.