When Species Meet @ Telemark Art Center

19.11.2016 -15.01.2017

Christy Gast, Søssa Jørgensen, Tove Kommedal, Jean Painlevé and Kjersti Vetterstad

Curated by: Karolin Tampere 

It is said that the practice of different forms of art is what divides us from other species on the planet. But what happens if we open up to a wider interpretation of expressions in a more including perspective? And what happens if we let animals, plants and microorganisms decide their own future?

The title When Species Meet is borrowed from the feminist, biologist and science historic Donna J. Haraways´ book with the same name (2008). Haraway considers humans´ interaction with different types of insects and animals, especially domestic, and encourages us to se human and animals as companion species. Rather than seeing human as something unique, it is a coexistence, a becoming with.

The exhibition ‘When Species Meet’ will include sculpture, video, performance, sound, text, installation and lectures. As part of the Wednesday program at Telemark Art Center we will invite selected artists, thinkers and scientists, whom reflects around or work with the subject, to discuss different relations between human and other living organisms on earth.

We already know that our body is the home of millions of bacteria. Whom am “I” if “I” am never completely alone?
The exhibition is a successor to ‘FUTURUM- moving mountains’ from April 2016. 

Telemark Art Center guest curator in 2016:
Karolin Tampere is a visual artist and freelance curator who’s practice deals with enaging in collaborative practices taking on different roles within the field of visual arts. She approaches curating as an socio-political arena that has a critical responsibility which can foster alternative understandings of ecology and new models of sustainability.