Vi ser på korn på Ruene (Hva skal kyrne f ores med?)

Looking at Grain at Ruene Farm (What to feed the cows?) is the result of a collaboration with Stian Haltuff of the organic dairy Ruene Farm. The project consists of a series of drawing workshops held in the farm’s grain fields; a textile design incorporating those drawings, which was printed onto canvas with the cyanotype process; a 500 liter sack of grain exhibited in the museum; and a performance lecture/sing-along telling how and why Stian eliminated imported Brazilian soya from his feed mix.

The project was created for the exhibition Skiptvet at Galleri F15 in Moss, Norway. The artist/organizers  Søssa Jørgensen and Geir Tore Holm coordinated artist/farmer collaborations at the farms Berg, Ruene, Nordre Solberg, Hoel Vestre, Skaug, Vister, Øvre Svartedal and Onstad. Seminars, debates and workshops were organized in Skiptvet during the year-long project, and the resulting projects are on view at Galleri F15.

Below: Installation views, performance still, and drawing workshop documentation.

The performance script is below.