Source 2012
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Source, with transcendental passages of analogy and allegory is an invitation to a reality of Americana, slightly off, but slightly right. If “a mythology reflects it region” Source achieves a high-grade vision of Floridian, Southwestern, American mythemes—linking various locales together.”

“We find curious sequences: an image of a logo “Beaver Brand Paddles and Oars” that decomposes in subsequent pages of beaver butchery, rendering the animal, a view of an interchange of the subject and its fragments that reconstitutes throughout the kernel of a world. One suspects the exercise tilts toward a polemic. This is, perhaps, a thinking of shock values in a digital age as we find a row of disembodied beaver tails drying against a blue sky. The peculiarity of allegory is a question of image propulsion. This disrupts the act of turning pages.”

–From a review by Adam Staley Groves in Singapore Review of Books

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