River Rail

In the inaugural issue of the River Rail there are articles by four Ensayistas: Christy Gast and Bárbara Saavedra, Admiralty Sound Expedition Report by with an afterword by Dr. Bárbara Saavedra, Camila Marambio, The Go-Between, and Cecilia Vicuña Con Cón, Chile, 1966 – 2006.


Note from the Publisher:

The River Rail is a bi-annual, free publication that focuses solely on the urgent subject of nature: its beauty, abuse, and changing climate that is gravely affecting every aspect of the planet’s ecosystem, and our lives. An offshoot of the Brooklyn Rail, the idea comes as a response to the Trump administration’s aggressive attack on human rights and equality, cultural knowledge, environmental protection, and scientific methodology based in research and fact.

Current research is showing that water is to our 21st century what oil was to the 20th century. The River Rail raises issues that many of us are not aware of, and proposes some actions. To illustrate, a thermocline is a layer of the ocean where the temperature changes more rapidly with depth, caused by the collision of warm and cold currents; woe be the day when our feelings about the Earth’s conditions remain lukewarm. Building upon a history dating back to over thirty millennia, when our Paleolithic ancestors painted images of bison, horses, and aurochs on irregular cave walls, to the late 1960s when “earth art” was built into site-specific natural environments, to our commitment today to ensure this labor of love and care for the fragility of ecological matters is firm and solid. This augury of ecological concerns and explorations is a new beginning of our collective work in the making.

In solidarity, as ever,
Phong Bui