Playing Favorites @ Wayfarers


Playing Favorites
A collaboration between A.W. Strouse & the members of Wayfarers

For Playing Favorites, we invited poet and curator A.W. Strouse to explore Wayfarers members’ studios and select works that he thought might serve as points of departure for his writing.

He describes the poems he has written in response as “little odes in the style of Horace. A characteristic feature of the Horatian ode is that the odes are each addressed to specific people or things… a kind of dialogue, with a particular addressee receiving the poem. [These] poems are addressed sometimes to the object, sometimes to the artist, sometimes to the viewer.”

The writings have then been illustrated with drawings of the selectedworks by our beloved board member Patty Barth and printed as a limited edition gift to visitors that also serves as an inventory of the exhibition.

Please join us for the opening reception of Playing Favorites Friday, December 16th, from 7 – 10 pm to receive your gift.

Also: there will be cake.

Playing Favorites
Writing by A.W. Strouse
Drawings by Patty Barth

Exhibition featuring works by:
Maggie Hazen, David (Scout) McQueen, Hiroki Otsuka, Pate, Mike Taylor, Charlotte Evans, Sam Ritter, Christy Gast, Dave Shaughnessy, Janel Schultz, Evelyn Donnelly and Maureen O’Leary

Exhibition concept and publication layout by David (Scout) McQueen and George Ferrandi

Flier image (above) by Janel Schultz.