¿’Onde va la lancha?

From Discipline / Gertrude Contemporary announcement

¿’Onde va la lancha? is a 15-minute lecture-performance during which Gast provides a live voice-over for a video projection that was filmed in the fjords of Tierra del Fuego.

We find ourselves inside an artisanal fishing boat during a storm, its creaking and rocking provides the rhythm for a song; the audience joins in. We are under water with a whale. The whale whispers, we learn its song. We are underwater collecting shellfish; we sing the forgotten song of the west wind. The lecture begins as a conventional artist’s talk, but as the camera dives below water the tone changes—the audience and the artist are immersed in the world of the fjord and must come to terms with its inhabitants, past and present.

Performance and vieo stills below: