Consider, for a moment, the hole-in-the-donut: a confectionary absence that signifies a presence, a sort of vortex of meaning, potentially
A new freestanding sculpture by Inna Babaeva extends her fascination with mass-produced supports; a postcard stand acts as a pedestal for postcards
This past weekend, artist Christy Gast unveiled her 12-foot, bronzed fiberglass Self Portrait As The Barefoot Mailman sculpture at Bal Harbour Founder's Circle as
Once upon a time—before electronic mail was even a twinkle in a programmer’s eye—correspondence was delivered by heroic means. As
Christy Gast is a Tramp. And by that I don’t mean she’s a floozy, though she does know how to
As laid out by the organizers, this "roving" show of a dozen artists that began in Miami before heading north
This coöperative gallery, managed by a rotating crew of thirteen, opens its doors to twelve artists based in Miami who
A few of the locals intermingled with the art world of New York City and Miami in the huge Barn-like
Out of Place features ten sculptural wall works constructed almost entirely out of burlap. As a distinct shift in practice for
In 1946, a bizarre cargo shipment stopped over at the Pan American Airlines headquarters in Miami. En route to Tierra