Book Launch @ Kunsternes Hus in Oslo, Norway

Sunday January 21 2018 from 3-5 pm at Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, 0167 Oslo, Norway, 

The anthology “The Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole” contains a wide range of expressions: poems, essays, photos, articles, manifests and artworks, all of which relate to our management of natural resources or discuss our fundamental views on nature. The book got its name from Section 2 of the Norwegian Marine Resources Act: The Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole.

What can laws and management tell us about the relationships we have to nature and to our surroundings? And what role can art play in relation to climate change and environmental issues?

The editors, Karolin Tampere and Randi Nygård will shortly introduce the book and Søssa Jørgensen will present the Log book by Sørfinnset skole/the nord land, before we listen to cod rumbling under kurtise and to Michelle -Marie Letelier, a visual artist from Chile, who will talk about her text in the book “On Exceptionalism”.

“The Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole” is a part of Ensayo#4, which is an interdisciplinary project that began in 2015 and deals with management, language, values and identity related to the ocean and the coast in certain parts of Norway and Chile. The goal is to understand, express and manage the big environmental issues we are facing in new and better ways.

The main project Ensayos was founded in Tierra del Fuego in 2011 by curator Camila Marambio.

The publication is supported by Arts Council Norway and Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond.

Design by David Benski,

The following artists, poets, academics and fishermen have contributed to the book:

Christy Gast, Geir Tore Holm, Søssa Jørgensen, Amy Franceschini and Futurefarmers, Jahn Petter Johnsen (Norges fiskerihøgskule, UiT), Solveig Bøe (NTNU, Trondheim), Jason Hall-Spencer (Plymouth University), Inger Elisabeth Hansen, Alejandra Mancilla (UiO), Lise Doksæter Sivle (Havforskningsintituttet i Bergen), Paul Wassmann (UiT), Camilla Brattland (UiT), Michelle-Marie Letelier, Georgiana Dobre, Camila Marambio, Camilla Renate Nicolaisen, Maja Nilsen, Munan Øvrelid, Cecilia Vicuña, Erik Solheim (UN Environment Executive Director, UNEP), Kjersti Vetterstad, Georgiana Dobre, Camila Marambio, Sarita Gálvez, Barbara Savedra (Director, Wildlife Conservation Society, Chile), Arne Johan Vetlesen (UiO) og Amy Balkin.