Beyond the End
Kadist Foundation, Paris 2014

From the Kadist Foundation press release

Beyond the End is an exhibition dedicated to Ensayos, a research and residency program initiated in 2010 in Tierra del Fuego by curator Camila Marambio. Over the years, the Ensayos residencies have given shape to a dialogue between artists, scientists, local inhabitants and Karukinka Natural Park. Based on the premise that only creative collaboration can efface frontiers in the field of biocultural conservation, Ensayos enacts the complex interdependence of humans, non-humans and matter with the urgency of maturing aesthetic sensibility in the face of scientific discoveries. The work in the exhibition attempts to give form to this multidisciplinary, multispecies research-based project.

Excerpt from Castor Chef (TRT 1 hour 8 minutes)

Exhibition shots and video stills. Installation view photos by Aurélien Mole.